Acetyl-L-Carnitine Capsules - 90 Servings

Enhance focus and concentration, protect the brain from aging, and enhance mental performance with an all-natural amino acid.
All Natural, Earth Grown Nutrition
Natural Focus Boost
ALCAR is derived from animal products and is used to treat symptoms of ADHD. It will help you increase focus and attention.

Our cells are filled with mitochondria and ALCAR helps to improve their health. This can help you prevent signs of aging so you look and feel better.

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  • Improves attention to work more efficiently (reference)
  • Reduces mental and physical fatigue (ref)
  • Provides antioxidants to help protect the body (ref)
  • Powerful mitochondria boost for anti-aging (ref)
  • Acts as a neuroprotective from things like alcohol (ref)

In the world of cognitive enhancement, amino acids are king. Although acetyl-L-carnitine might sound suspicious, it is one of the most well-absorbed nootropics for improving concentration and attention. The most unique use for ALCAR is for mitochondrial support to prevent signs and symptoms of aging and aid in cellular longevity. That's scientific speak for it helps you stay concentrated and full of energy for many years.

Check below to see what other nootropics enthusiasts are saying. 

This bottle of Acetyl-L-Carnitine capsules offers 90 servings

"I had a noticeable increase in energy and (interestingly enough) my libido as well."

"ALCAR is one of my favorite nootropics because it isn't too risky, but has a lot of subtle benefits. Usually it makes me burn more fat (nice side effect) in addition to all the standard benefits. I had a noticeable increase in energy and (interestingly enough) my libido as well. Love this stuff"

- David Rosic, Electrical Engineer

Boost Energy Production

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) helps aid each cell to produce more energy. This translates to added stimulation and greater focus and concentration without the crash.

Natural Memory Enhancer

The brain chemical acetylcholine is responsible for memory formation, learning, and protecting neurological connections. ALCAR is a great, natural way to improve your memory formation and protect your neurological connections.

You feel super alert, active, and engaged

"What I was really happy about is that it works perfectly when you're hitting that 1pm-2pm slump. You want to get engaged again so you can have [CocoTropic] and it doesn't effect your's not a jittery stimulant...a more subtler focus...and it honestly tastes like a high end hot chocolate too. "

- Nathaniel Eliason, Director of Marketing at SumoMe

I sip [CocoTropic] while working and it gets the job done

"My favorite way to take the CocoTropic is actually in a smoothie. I use coffee as a base, I blend in a little bit of MCT oil, and then I add 1-2 tablespoons and then I usually ice it, but you can also have it hot. And I just kind of sip that for a few hours while I'm working and it gets the job done."

- Colin Stuckert, CEO of Wild Foods

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