L-Tyrosine Capsules - 120 Servings

Utilize this amino acid to recover from stress, improve your mood, general cognitive abilities, and enhance your mental and physical performance.
All Natural, Earth Grown Nutrition
Natural Mood Boost
L-Tyrosine promotes two brain chemicals that contribute to happiness: dopamine and adrenaline. This amino acid is naturally found in beef and meat.

Stress Recovery
Military personnel use L-tyrosine under grueling conditions to recover from stress and prevent memory loss and fatigue.

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  • Improves focus to work more efficiently (reference)
  • Helps children reduce ADHD symptoms (ref)
  • Prevents cognitive decline during stress (ref)
  • Increases dopamine to boost mood (ref)
  • Most well-researched nootropic and considered safe

After a challenging workout, cold weather, and sickness, it might feel like your body is about to collapse. With the right supplementation you can avoid this from happening. L-tyrosine is an amino acid that helps soldiers to recover from high levels of stress, such as bootcamp training. If you're feeling like a natural boost in your mood, L-tyrosine is a natural way to boost your dopamine and feel happier.

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There are 120 L-tyrosine capsules

"...Immediately my anxiety dropped...I feel almost completely normal..."

"I carefully tried L-Tyrosine as it acts on entirely different neurotransmitters (Dopamine, Adrenaline, Noradrenaline). Immediately my anxiety dropped. I've now taken 3g L-Tyrosine daily for 2 days and I feel almost completely normal. All that is left of my severe anxiety is some very very slight lingering tension"

- Jason Locke, Dell Manager

Recover from Stress Quickly

Whether your stress comes from the gym or the workplace, you can recover quickly using this natural amino acid. During bootcamp, military personnel used L-tyrosine to reduce stress and maintain their memory and mental performance.

Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Almost 8% of the children in the United States are taking amphetamine-based drugs like Adderall. In contrast, L-tyrosine is proven to reduce ADHD symptoms to avoid long-term health problems and it is a natural amino acid found in meat products.

You feel super alert, active, and engaged

"What I was really happy about is that it works perfectly when you're hitting that 1pm-2pm slump. You want to get engaged again so you can have [CocoTropic] and it doesn't effect your sleep...it's not a jittery stimulant...a more subtler focus...and it honestly tastes like a high end hot chocolate too. "

- Nathaniel Eliason, Director of Marketing at SumoMe

I sip [CocoTropic] while working and it gets the job done

"My favorite way to take the CocoTropic is actually in a smoothie. I use coffee as a base, I blend in a little bit of MCT oil, and then I add 1-2 tablespoons and then I usually ice it, but you can also have it hot. And I just kind of sip that for a few hours while I'm working and it gets the job done."

- Colin Stuckert, CEO of Wild Foods