N-Acetyl-Cysteine Capsules - 60 Servings

Provide glutathione, The Mother of All Antioxidants, to increase immune strength, reduce anxiety, and increase mental and physical performance
All Natural, Earth Grown Nutrition
This provides the most important antioxidant for a strong immune system. Glutathione is considered "The Mother of All Antioxidants" and found in avocado.

Anxiety & Stress
By increasing glutathione take advantage of natural anxiety relief and stress reduction. Only available through the N-Acetyl-Cysteine amino acid.

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  • Improves attention to work more efficiently (reference)(ref)
  • Reduces anxiety & stress similar to Xanax (ref)
  • Great ADHD solution for children & adults (ref)
  • Improves memory by 25% or more (ref)
  • Most well-researched nootropic and considered safe

It's happened to you hundreds of times. You drink some coffee, feel energized, but then you get jittery and anxious. But this time, you've got a natural trick up your sleeve. You whip out your relaxing and stress-reducing L-Theanine, take a capsule and get in the zone. The caffeine jitters are gone. Anxiety, non-existent. Now you're on top of your A-game. Best part? This blend is made in a certified organic and gluten-free facility in Austin, Texas.

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This L-Theanine Power Pack offers 120 servings

"...for me personally, this supplement is incredibly effective..."

"To test this supplement I conducted an experiment on myself. Over the course of a month I had my girlfriend lay out my pills and write down which days included NAC and which days did not. I then recorded my anxiety and stress levels each day. At the end of the month there was a noticeable difference in my ratings..."

- Justin Attanas, Sales Manager

Boost Immune Strength

DEven with a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep, your immune system is still susceptible to disease. Taking NAC will boost the antioxidant glutathione and significantly increase your immune strength. Sick days no longer necessary.

Natural Anxiety Cure

Even though modern responsibilities can be stressful, studies show N-Acetyl-Cysteine can help reduce anxiety in patients who chew fingernails and pick their face. Best of all, cysteine is an amino acid found in meat.

You feel super alert, active, and engaged

"What I was really happy about is that it works perfectly when you're hitting that 1pm-2pm slump. You want to get engaged again so you can have [CocoTropic] and it doesn't effect your sleep...it's not a jittery stimulant...a more subtler focus...and it honestly tastes like a high end hot chocolate too. "

- Nathaniel Eliason, Director of Marketing at SumoMe

I sip [CocoTropic] while working and it gets the job done

"My favorite way to take the CocoTropic is actually in a smoothie. I use coffee as a base, I blend in a little bit of MCT oil, and then I add 1-2 tablespoons and then I usually ice it, but you can also have it hot. And I just kind of sip that for a few hours while I'm working and it gets the job done."

- Colin Stuckert, CEO of Wild Foods